The name's Namath, BITCH.Say what you like about Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting chops, but the dude is fit. So fit in fact, ex-Jets Quarterback and 70’s product schiller THE Broadway Joe Namath has given the greenlight to a cinematic biography potentially starring the brother o’ Maggie himself– thanks in part to ol’ Joe feeling that Jake measures up to Godhood. Granted, back in the day Namath had the currently outdated 60’s/70’s era Charleton Heston bod going for him, but as Namath sized ego rates, apparently the dude remembers himself more ripped than Skeletor’s man wand.

The project is obviously on hold until the S-T-R-I-K-E shenanigans are sorted out, but once everyone gets back to business, David Hollander (thanks to a flattering treatment on the life of Namath) is slated to write all the sordid and heartwarming details. Hopefully we can expect plenty of earned bragadacio, hairy chests, overcoming long odds, fur coats and bedfulls of quarter back on groupie sex sprinkled with liberal alcohol consumption.

There’s no denying the Namath story is one able to provide plenty of pulp for a big screen adaptation, but will it be a long enough road from here to premier that audiences will give up their current football story exhaustion and pay Namath: A Self Love Story any attention? I’m sure the mighty Joe himself would have a lot to say about it – and with the way he’s charmed himself to icon both on and off the field, he could probably stoke enough interest. Not to mention bang your Mom in the process.