Determined to get every surface detail correct, from villain casting to a great-looking suit to a Mary Jane that looks like a person (don’t you dare start dumping on Shailene Woodley- get that shit out of my face), Marc Webb continues to make great decisions about how his film will look and sound.

The latest? Chris Cooper is coming onboard as Norman Osborne.

It’s a tough gig, following up Willem Dafoe’s touched, amazing performance as the Green Goblin across Raimi’s trilogy, but Cooper can do crazy and quietly menacing with the best of them. I can’t imagine they’re going to cram a full-on Green Goblin into this film as well, but the planted seeds should be well-performed.

In any event, we still have no substantive reason to believe that things like a coherent, interesting script will be in place, but everything else just keeps getting better.



Source | THR