url-1I’m getting a little worried about Warner Brothers. They’ve been considered the classiest of the studios for a while now, often boasting the most sophisticated tentpoles and adaptations (Potter), while also supporting high-dollar original content (‘ception) and leading-edge talent (Affleck). Things have been shakier lately though. The DC side of things has been slow to move at best, and this year is bringing with it some cheap-looking, dumb misfires for the studio both in the gangster fighting and giant slaying arenas. Leadership has changed, internal politics seem to be heightening… who knows if this is a crossroads or a merely a few speed bumps that need not be made speed mountains.

In any event, signing Will Beall to a two-script contract after Gangster Squad critically and financially imploded raises an eyebrow, especially with rumors flying that his Justice League script wasn’t cutting the figurative mustard. Nevertheless, the news comes from Variety that Beall will pen two unspecified scripts for the studio

The Justice League stuff is unsubstantiated, and you can blame Gangster Squad on Ruben Fleischer or the reshoots if you’re so inclined. The guy was beginning to look elsewhere (apparently eyeballing The Legend Of Conan), and this locks him down in the watertower. I’m not interested in being a total piece of shit about this guy based on one movie (no matter how shitty) and a bunch of rumors, so I’ll leave my skepticism where it stands until there’s more to go on.


via Screenrant