’s a good day when I can bring you one thing from the Apatowverse, and today I’m bringing you three things. The greatness of this offsets your dog/mother/baby dying or you getting dumped for a guy with a fauxhawk* or those weeping red sores on your genitals. Yes, this is just that good.

ITEM #1! DICKS IN MOTION! In preparation for next week’s DVD release of Superbad, a series of animations based on that film’s amazing dick drawings have been created. Here’s Sushi Dick! Here’s Borg Penis!

ITEM #2! REEFER! Last month I saw about twenty minutes of clips from Walk Hard (I’m seeing the whole film this Friday), and one of my favorite scenes had Dewey Cox coming into the bathroom where his drummer (Tim Meadows, finally emerging from beneath the horror of The Ladies Man) is smoking dope. This clip should be shown in every school in America so kids can learn the real dangers of weed. Click here!

ITEM #3! HUEY LEWIS! According to Entertainment Weekly, Seth Rogen has been seen taking a meeting with none other than Huey Lewis. According to the site, Rogen was meeting with the News frontman for a very specific reason: he wants him to record the theme song to next summer’s Pineapple Express. If Huey Lewis can match the level of greatness of his work on Back to the Future, what is already my favorite movie of 2007 (if they were releasing it this year, that is) could be the single most powerful movie event of 2008.

*Applies to male and female readers.