tumblr_m8kyriOleo1rrrg4fo1_250Before we start, take a look at Tom Hardy’s involvement slate for the next few years:

Mad Max (it’s Mad Max)

Animal Rescue (Crime drama with Noomi Rapace)

Child 44 (Stalin-era Crime Thriller with Noomi Rapace)

Locke (Thriller shot in real-time)

Splinter Cell (Ubisoft Franchise)

Everest (Mountain movie)

Cicero (Capone movie)

The Long Red Road (Dramatic play adaptation with Michael Shannon)

The Rough Diamond (???)

Harold’s Harem (Musical)

Animal Rights Film x 2

“Outlaw Biker” Project

So yeah, dude’s got a dance card, and that dance card is full. Still, that doesn’t stop him lining up projects, with the latest being a film called Samarkand. The film would see Hardy playing a PTSD-stricken veteran of a Middle East tour of duty who finds it difficult to reintegrate. Not only is this in Hardy’s wheelhouse (Warrior riffed on a similar storyline for Hardy’s character), but the star has worked with writer/director Greg Williams before, on an award-winning short that also alludes to a similar character. This particular short was made in tribute to Williams’ brother Olly, who will co-write this script with him. You can watch it here (warning: nekkid Hardy, and the dialogue is mixed real real low).

Who knows when this will get slid into the actor’s schedule, but the short above suggests Williams could craft an interesting feature. Hardy isn’t afraid of the dark stuff, so I’m sure he’ll dig deep for this one.

Source | Deadline (via Indiewire)