Magazine is doing this neat thing where they’re slowly unveiling a new image of the Joker over the next few days. The only problem is that the image is the cover of their next issue, and someone has already sent out a jpg of that cover, thus killing their reveal. Sorry, good and liked people at Empire.

Of course the final revealed image won’t have all that neon green text on it, so you people hungering for a Heath Ledger desktop to replace him spitting on Jack Twist’s asshole will be in luck.

I don’t actually feel like this reveal is all that big a reveal anyway. Haven’t we seen a very clear picture of the Joker on that site, which is part of the endless The Dark Knight viral campaign?* Frankly I’m more interested in reading the Coen Bros career retrospective piece.

* Next challenge: Have a hearty breakfast and then defecate in such a way that your feces forms the Batsymbol! Send your pictures in to!