They’re not giving away the whole shebang, but damned if the latest Iron Man 3 poster doesn’t pretty much confirmed what we’ve been hearing the last bunch of months.

Now I’m not talking about the toy spoiler that perhaps ruins the post-credits fun, but the story details about how exactly Iron Man 3 will raise the stakes, action-wise at least, for Marvel. This particular batch of details revealed to us that in the culmination of Iron Man 3‘s Extremis storyline, Stark would end up commanding an army of autonomous combat Iron Man suits that he mentally guides all at once.

Well this new poster teases exactly that (because lots of Iron Mans)…


So, for the public that doesn’t read the nerd scribblings of guys like me, the cat is not out of the bag, but anyone looking at this poster might suddenly notice that there is a bag, and that it might contain some sort of creature. Perhaps a cat.

If they drop this online today, I’ll be sure to update this piece. <— DONE (via Yahoo!), and have you seen the Gwyneth Paltrow poster, in which she cradles a decapitated Iron Man Sorta? Or how about The Mandarin’s character poster, in which he reclines like a boss and generally looks like a swagged out terrorist Santa Claus? OR how about dat Iron Patriot armor poster with a look from Don Cheadle that demands to know if you’re ready for that pain? OR HOW ABOUT our look at Guy Pearce being a white guy who’s not as cool as The Mandarin, and thus does not get to wear his sunglasses?