2_26_binocheIt’s rare for movies with giants monsters smashing things into things to have so much attention paid to the casting phase, but when those films are Del Toro’s Pacific Rim or Gareth Edward’s Godzilla the movie-blogging world’s collective ears perk up. Both films, one in the can and one that’s yet to shoot a single frame, boast pretty terrific casts. But it’s Edward’s more serious-minded Godzilla, with names like Aaron Johnson, Elisabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston, that most piques my interest. Now, with Variety’s report that Edward and Legendary have their sights set on Three Colors thespian Juliette Binoche, I’m even more intrigued.

Binoche should be recognizable to anyone calling themselves a film fan these past thirty years or so. She garnered an Academy Award for her performance as Hana in Minghella’s The English Patient and was again nominated in 2000 for Chocolat. I don’t suppose it’s too much to ask for Cranston in the most epic man-in-suit Godzilla performance of all time? Opposite a sleek, Binoche-performed Biolante?

Yeah, I figured.