This feeling… what is it? If forced to describe it, I might say I was… excited about a Tim Burton movie. It’s been years since I’ve felt this way – maybe a decade or more? – and it’s weird. But it’s also nice.

I am psyched about Burton’s version of Sweeney Todd. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but I’m feeling mostly positive – even if he did cut out my favorite goddamned number. But the more footage I see the more I like what Burton has done, and maybe with an adaptation of a stage show he’s found the perfect vehicle for his doll house visual style.

And below is more of the footage I saw – a long commercial thing that apparently ran on the CW Network (is anyone who watches that channel old enough to go to an R-Rated movie?) some time in the year 2007. I would assume in November. Beats the shit out of me, I just got sent the YouTube link. I especially am intrigued by the chair, but I do wish they could have found more singing to put into this thing – once again, it feels like the musical aspect is being hidden in favor of spotlighting Depp and the gore.