OFN: Old Fuckin’ News. There’s nothing worse on the internet than Old Fuckin’ News; stories that are a day old – sometimes hours old! – fall into the OFN category on the web.

We try not to bring you OFN. We try to stay cutting edge. But sometimes things fall through the cracks, even with the highly dedicated and motivated team of news gathering specialists we have here, and one of those things was the trailer for City of Men (click here to watch it!). You probably know City of God*; City of Men was the TV show that Fernando Meirelles put together for Brazilian television. It was recently released in the US on DVD and I have to recommend it – it’s like Freaks and Geeks if the Weirs grew up in the most dangerous slums on Earth. The show ran for a couple of years, following young protagonists Acerola (I think this is a good car or laptop name) and Laranjinha (this is less successful for consumer products) as they grow up from young kids to young men. Now there’s a movie featuring them as they turn 18 and have to deal with real life and responsibility, which can be dangerous in the favelas in which they live.

The movie is hitting the US in January; you can see the trailer here now (it’s one of those ‘Let’s not have any dialogue so people don’t know it’s a foreign movie!’ trailers) – I am very psyched about this film and didn’t realize it was so close to release. You can bet my Miramax PR reps are going to get a bunch of phone calls from me in the coming days.

*If you don’t, go watch it. You’re in for a semi-religious experience. It’s one of the single finest movies released in the 21st century in any language.