Plus Plus Equals Equals Avatar.I must have missed the whole "chicks with phallic fun growing out of their perfectly sculpted asses is the new hotness bandwagon", because it’s rolling all through town and I’m still stuck on the tail-excluding "perfectly sculpted ass" wagon of 2006.

2007 case in point: Angelina Jolie and her tail-tacle of golden glory spawning king ruining demons in Beowulf. 2009 case in point, in what’s sure to be a "click to view before it’s torpedoed by Fox legal", a bit of purported character artwork from James Cameron’s prematurely coined "epic", Avatar has been spilled…

… and what do you know. It’s a hot bodied alien with tail. (View it here while you still can). The image is rumored to be for a character called Ney’tiri (of the alien race Na’vi) as to be played by the beautimus Zoe Saldana.

Now, two creature designs don’t exactly create a trend, but with all the tentacle resurgance we’ve been seeing lately, I’m calling it- the sexy creature trend of the future is all tail-tacle.

As for the image– the Tron meets Vickie’s Sci-Fi Secret design is kind of generic– nothing anyone hasn’t seen via female comic book anatomy 101 or Body Paint: The Official Coffee Table Tome. Of course, this could be wholly prelimary, conceptual, a work in progress or… gasp, fake, so who knows if this will be the final character design come 2009.

So, for all of you dreaming about locking lips and hips with hot fantasy creatures while having bum-junk curl around your leg (a tentacle fetish that extends to all you current Twi’Lek lovers as well), rejoice. At the least, 2007 and 2009 are gonna be banner years.

UPDATE: Take the question mark off the article’s title and replace it with a period. Cease and desist letters are currently a flyin’, signed with all the love Fox’s Intellectual Property Department can muster.