In Bruges is the opening night film of the Sundance Film Festival. I don’t want to go off on another tirade about the faux-indie quality of the festival these days (since I am currently awaiting press accreditation!), but it’s worth pointing out that Colin Farrell in a hitman comedy isn’t exactly edgy indie fare.

It looks like damn funny fare, though. There’s a new trailer on YouTube that is just filled to the brim with words like ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ – I imagine you won’t be seeing this at your local theaters anytime soon. It also features Farrel delivering a karate chop to a dwarf, which means the movie is almost certain to end up on a CHUD list of some kind some day*. It also features Ralph Fiennes looking a lot like Christopher Eccleston to these weary eyes, and Brendan Gleeson appears to continue his streak of being utterly awesome.

I’m hoping to have some more In Bruges content for you quite soon – like maybe tomorrow – so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s that excellent and very R-rated trailer:

*Yes, I am hoping to get CHUD’s 50 Best Little People Smackdowns list off the ground. Granted, 70% of the list will be moments from The Terror of Tiny Town and Under the Rainbow.