Savages has been getting very nice notices at festivals, which is both expected since stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are critical darlings and actors who are as reliable as it gets and also a surprise because so many stories about dysfunctional families and dealing with life’s inevitabilities tend to border on maudlin or sappy.

Plus it’s the return of Tamara Jenkins, the woman who brought you Slums of Beverly Hills. Hey anyone who helped bring The Krumholtz to the public eye is alright by me.

Hoffman and Linney portray the children of ubiquitous 80’s character actor Philip Bosco, a man on the tail end of his days, which leads the siblings to cope with things they’re ill-equipped to handle.

Films like this can either move you or make you want to move out of the theaters and most accounts say this is one of the former and an acting powerhouse. Folks in Atlanta can see it early thanks in part to the brilliant website you’ve currently clicked to. Here’s how to win a pass for yourself and allow me to remind you that any incomplete entry or one without a mailing address is sent right into the proverbial waste bin:

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