First of all… there’s no way this movie is going to be great because of a little factor I’d like to call the Happy Madison Factor. That said, holy shit.

I’d heard Strange Wilderness mentioned in passing in Devin’s Beerfest Set Visit report but I glazed over it. I rarely check on my favorite creators’ IMDB pages because I’m too busy refreshing my own to see who’s ripping me or showcasing how lame the MEG message boards can get, so imagine my surprise to see Kevin Heffernan, Jonah Hill, Steve Zahn, Jeff Garlin, Justin Long, and the Joe Don Baker/Harry Hamlin/Ernest Borgnine trifecta that allegedly doomed Carthage.

It can’t be great. It has too many people I love and I didn’t really know about it. Have I fallen so far off the awareness horse that I have to pick through its offal to discover the things which make me a mini-legend in my own house?

Which brings me back to the Happy Madison Factor, an intangible force that can outrape The Entity.

Allen Covert? Classic Rock Music? Yep, it’s a Happy Madison flick.

But the trailer isn’t horrible [I actually liked it] and maybe, JUST MAYBE… this’ll be one for the ages. Or it’ll make me explode out of exhaustion and lack of faith, for any supreme being surely couldn’t let one group of people keep making movies that hate me.