Dowg.3-D! It’s the sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Again. Of course, I don’t need to expound any further for you who love sharp objects hovering in front of your face or filmic blood all but showering you and yours. As for you who haven’t experienced the wonders of space age 3-D, the actual execution of the 3-D gimmick actually works pretty seamlessly– and with everyone else in the theater looking like qualifiers for the ’07 Carrie Donovan cosplay awards as well, it’s easy to feel right at home.

Speaking of 3-D (and painfully strained segues), Bolt, the film formerly known as both American Dog and the one Disney animation head John Lasserter kicked creator Chris Sanders out the door by way of his balls over, will join the burgeoning movement when it’s released a year from now. Since Bolt is Disney animation– not Dreamworks–, you probably won’t get pissed on in 3-D, but here’s to hoping.

Whether or not you care about the story, it still follows Bolt– a Hollywood dog who makes his way back to Tinseltown after a terrible dropship mishap lands him in New York. Naturally, his romp wouldn’t be complete without a hodgepodge group of newfound friends and some ego crushing realizations (you’re just a dog, bitch!) along the way.

As alluded to above, there was a small amount of controversy over Bolt when Disney writer Chris Williams (Emperor’s New Groove/Mulan) was brought in to finish the project out (ie- kindly make the Lasserter changes Sanders wouldn’t). Throw John Travolta into the mix and you’ve got a uninspired rehash film just waiting to blow theater doors off their hinges when it debuts for 08’s Thanksgiving.

Ok, snark aside, the whole idea is still Chris Sanders’ (whose charmingly animated Lilo and Stitch still charms my knickers and underpants off) and barring a drastic overhaul of the conept, the framework and animation remain Sanders- and I can’t get enough of his visual style. Travolta and new director aside, bringeth it on.

Lest you be deceived into thinking Bolt is the only 3-D sensation Disney’s priming up, The Smoothly Oiled Machine is lining up quite a few of their upcoming films for depth enhanced action, including a limited run "ohmygooooshsweetniblits!" Hannah Montanta concert tour movie (she’s huge- HUGE!) and visual/tonal retread artist Tim Burton’s upcoming take on Alice in Wonderland and a 3-D resurrection of Frankenweenie.