viral onslaught of The Dark Knight continues! And if you’re giddy to see yet another still image of Heath Ledger’s Caine-curdling Joker, well, giddy you soon shall be!

No offense intended to the lovely blokes at Empire Online, but the "All Will Be Revealed…" boast feels kind of empty considering that we’ve seen nearly every inch of this new Joker. Then again, if the middle row of playing cards disappears to reveal Ledger twirling his dong, I’ll be buying my entire family gift subscriptions to Empire‘s monthly print incarnation. And if, when all is finally revealed, one of y’all wants to send me a photoshopped pic depicting the aforementioned schlong-swinging… don’t.

I wonder if this image is timed to coincide with the big IMAX shindig at Universal Citywalk next week, where Christopher Nolan, DP Wally Pfister and steadicam operator Bob Gorelick (love his work, but he’s no Larry McConkey!) will preview The Dark Knight‘s shot-for-IMAX passages. I wonder if I’m invited to that. Thus far, my email sez "No"! What with my unbridled support for Batman Begins and its crackerjack third act, I can’t imagine why I’d get excluded.

I feel like CHUD should start a sister site devoted to the pre-release reveals of The Dark Knight. WB will likely keep us swimming in promotional material between now and July 18, 2008.