wintersoliderBefore Avengers, I’d have had no qualms declaring Captain America my favorite of the Marvel lot. There’s a uniqueness about it that sets it apart from the rest of Phase 1 Marvel. Weak third act, sure. But good shit. Variety caught up with Marvel producer extraordinare Kevin Feige and learned that follow-up The Winter Soldier will attempt to be as unique as its predecessor:

There’s an opportunity to graft almost sub-genres onto them. Our first Captain America film was a World War II picture, and the next is a political thriller. They all have their own textures and patinas, and that’s what is exciting about it.

It’s important to put “political thriller” in context with the fact that this is a Marvel film from Disney, so, y’know, Condorman could be considered a political thriller too. But Ed Brubaker’s excellent Captain America run, from which the Winter Soldier arc is derived, is a pretty heady thriller in its own right. If Marvel wanted to go this route, it’s surely because they’re looking to recreate the tone Brubaker set. Sebastian Stan was a fine “Bucky” Barnes, but I’m curious to see how his descent into the Winter Soldier is handled – this is a run with serious Cold War backstory.

Plus,,I’m sort of intrigued to see what a serious political thriller / Captain America: The First Avenger sequel looks like from two guys who helped bring us Community.