2_22_simmonsThis week I had the opportunity to speak with one of the all-time great character actors, Mr. JK Simmons, to discuss his work in Dark Skies (in theatres now). What started as a conversation about his latest work quickly evolved into all sorts of subjects; his appearances on Broadway, his tenure as the yellow M&M, and even Bikram Yoga with Jason Reitman were subjects covered in the interview. And everyone’s favorite Peter Parker-thwarter makes an appearance to chastise me in what I now have to consider one of the finer achievements in my life. Raimi Spider-Man lovers will want to pay close attention towards the end of this one.

I’ll warn you that JK’s phone reception here was a little crispy, but you can still here him clearly. A huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Simmons for taking the time to speak with me. Enjoy: