weekend was the junket for The Golden Compass in London, England, and some internet types had a chance to talk to Best James Bond Ever, Daniel Craig, who plays Lord Asriel in that film. Of course questions turned to Bond 22, but besides a reassurance that the film is still happening despite the strike, they didn’t get much else good. Here’s hoping that Craig did a bunch of roundtables and somebody thought to ask him just how many Bond films he’s doing after all – a recent statement by MGM’s CEO indicated that Craig expanded his three film deal to five.

Anyway, when he strike hit writer Paul Haggis got a Bond 22 script in just under the deadline, but in statements to the press he made it sound like what he handed in wasn’t finished, or polished, leading many people to think that the new Bond movie would be a victim of the battle between the writers and producers. Not so, says Craig. "The writers’ strike doesn’t affect us because we have a script. As it stands at the moment, it doesn’t affect us." Of course there’s the actor’s strike looming this summer, giving Bond 22 only a few months to get underway and then done.

For more from Craig, including the shocking revelation about whether or not he has read the outline for the sequel to The Golden Compass*, head over to Coming Soon.

*Spoiler: he hasn’t.