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I don’t know how much use a short clip from what is supposed to be a slow-burn, escalatingly atmospheric horror movie is, but you can catch a minute of Lords Of Salem by clicking on the still above.

This comes from embed-stingy EW, who also have director Rob Zombie summarize the plot.

“My premise is that there was another group of women put to death [during the witch trials] who actually were witches,” explains Zombie. “They vowed to come back and wreak vengeance upon Salem and they do it through this bizarre piece of music. Heidi has some lineage to the witch trials — but she’s also a recovering drug addict. So, in the course of the film, you’re not sure if she’s back on drugs, if she’s losing her mind, or if these events are actually happening to her.”

I’m on record as being all the way on board, and at this point I just want to see the film. The above clip demonstrates that Sheri Moon Zombie still isn’t a particularly convincing actress, and that she’ll be associated with a Rob Zombie stand-in during the film, and that Zombie is back to cutting his films the way he mixes his songs. I’m indifferent, amused, and pleased by those facts respectively.

Here’s the official trailer if you haven’t caught it yet, and remember that this hits April 19th.