I like that the Red Band trailer for Spring Breakers isn’t just one filled with more tits (despite the thumbnail above), but actually gives more time to James Franco’s foul-mouthed, partying, gangster messiah. It also amps up the danger and sharp edge of the film, promising things 68576are going to get truly out of control. Also, I like that they’ve moved from using Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” to my second favorite remix of Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, from German artist Zedd (my favorite is from Dirtyphonics, if you’re curious).

It’s intensely exciting that Harmony Korine has made a film that has an absolute chance of being a big dark horse hit. I’m 100% confident that this film is going to be a crossover success, even with its R-rating. I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes it past $100m and settles as Megan Ellison’s second biggest hit behind True Grit.

Call me crazy, but nobody was projecting $113m for Magic Mike last year, and the marketing on this one is just too pitch perfect not to grab attention.

Source | Yahoo! (via Playlist)