url-9It’s crazy to think how little is known about Elysium and that the damn thing has been done for so long, There still is so little info out there, even though it was originally set to be released a week from today, before its shift to August 9th. Eat your heart out JJ.

Still, director Niel Blomkamp has to be good and ready to let this one out of the bag and move on, and he’s already actively prepping his third feature Chappie- a scifi comedy he’s co-written with his wife. Today we learn that he’s rolled up his sleeves and dug into the project already, and that the film will shoot in Johannesburg with Media Rights Capital (Elysium, Ted, House Of Cards) backing it.

There are no details on the plot of the film, but he’s described it as a more sentimental, small comedy with a scifi backdrop.

As for another District film, there are no concrete plans and Blomkamp has been decidedly non-committal on the subject, to the point of being kinda cold about it. I wouldn’t hold my breath, in other words.

Source | Indiewire