The basic concept behind Michel Gondry’s new film, Be Kind Rewind, is a touch of genius – when Jack Black accidentally erases all the videotapes at the video store where he and Mos Def work, they have to rerecord all the movies, but featuring themselves. Apparently in the film this process is Sweding, and the new official site for the movie allows you to not only Swede yourself into movie posters but also to Swede the whole internet. It seems that Jack Black erases the internet when you log on to their site. Oops!

The site’s design is charming, and I’m psyched to see someone mock up a Sweded version of CHUD (you know you want to do it!). The movie’s release date – 1/25/08 – certainly raises some alarms that New Line isn’t completely sold on the picture, but I like Gondry’s work, so I have plenty of faith. Visit the Be Kind Rewind site here and Swede yourself into a Critters poster. When you’ve Sweded CHUD, drop me an email – I’d love to see it! There are also wallpapers (like the one above) and AIM icons to be downloaded.