Dark Knight was filmed in IMAX, and the IMAX website has put together a little featurette about director Christopher Nolan using the format to make his Batsequel. The featurette is mostly about how psyched everybody is to be using IMAX (did you know that it’s a big process? As in large in size? I imagine the people telling you this in the featurette are useful if you only stumbled upon the IMAX website because your name is Max and you wanted some information about yourself), but it does include a couple of quick glimpses of Bat-action, including Batman dropping down the side of a building and some explosions. Lots of explosions, actually. I counted three or four (depending on how many there are in that first explosion scene) car explosions and a storefront blowing up.

This featurette is called ‘The Dark Knight Prologue Featurette,’ but it’s not about the prologue of The Dark Knight at all, which I understand features the origin of the Joker and will be shown in front of IMAX screenings of I Am Legend this December. Using my weighty and well-exercised brain, I have come to the conclusion that this featurette will actually play BEFORE that prologue. But that’s just a guess.

Click here to see the video.