“We’re not calling it ‘the 85th annual Academy Awards,’ which keeps it mired somewhat in a musty way. It’s called ‘The Oscars.'”

That’s Oscars ceremony co-producer Neil Meron taking what is seen as the most prestigious awards ceremony honoring the craft of filmmaking and casually comparing it to your grandparent’s vagina and balls.


This is, obviously, another attempt by the Academy to drag more eyeballs back to the ceremony, and perhaps appeal to a hipper, younger generation that has no time for gaylol numbers and shit. Aside from bringing Jesus Family Guy into the mix, commissioning a (legitimately great) Olly Moss poster and opening up the number of Best Picture winners two years ago –allowing for a wider range of films to be nominated, maybe even more populist fare– The Academy is also said to be considering other changes to get kids to tune in:

• New electronica “play off” music that will shut up chatty celebrities with a wicked dope dubstep drop

• Twitter ticker at the bottom of the screen, displaying fan tweets that use hashtag #OSCARZ

• All official photos will be done as iPhone selfies from the podium. Daniel Day Lewis will be provided with a cell phone.

• Sponsored live-tweeting of the ceremony from Tyler The Creator

• The ceremony will include a live creation of a Harlem Shake video, starring the cast of Lincoln

Meron notes that The Grammys also forego any numbering in their presentations, though says the change is not necessarily permanent.

Source | The Wrap