’s the dumb movie equivalent of getting the Beatles back together*: Jordana Brewster has signed on to reprise her role of Mia, Vin Diesel’s sister, in The Fast and The Furious 4. With this, the old gang, including Diesel and Paul Walker, are back together as we never dared hope they would be. And all under the watchful eye of Justin Lin! There is a God**.

The whole gang is back together after Paul Walker’s character gets out of jail by agreeing to help the feds bust a heroin dealer via illegal street racing (two part digression: I’ve never seen any of these movies – did one really end with Paul Walker going to Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison? Bravo, if so. Second, I wish they’d make this a TV show and every week Paul Walker must stop another threat… via illegal street racing. Tune in for next week’s episode: Terrorist In the Straightaway!). Somehow Diesel’s character gets involved, possibly through Brewster, who hooked up with Walker in a previous film.

You’re probably wondering whatever became of Michelle Rodriguez, the other lead from the first Fast and the Furious; Clint from Moviehole has that news, but it’s spoiler-laden, so only click over there if you want to learn the secrets of this taut tale of speed and crime fighting.

*Before half of them became wormfood. If I meant after that, this article would be about another entry in the Sometimes They Come Back franchise, possibly titled Sometimes They Get Back

** He hates us.