urlIf this is true, it’s a weird one.

According to some keen investigation at Bleeding Cool, a Taiwanese 3D Blu-ray of Dr. No has seemingly revealed the existence of a 3D transfer of the film. That’s unusual enough as it is but, soon after, Moviefone was discovered to have a listing for a 3D IMAX release of the film for the US!

While Disney is cooling off on the 3D conversions of classic toons (the returns dwindled quick after The Lion King had such great success) and Star Wars movies, other studios are still on the conversion train. The IMAX component (sans 3D) pushed a Raiders Of The Lost Ark to a couple million bucks in a few hundred theaters, while Top Gun 3D has done similar numbers in its IMAX run. Jurassic Park 3D seems set to eclipse all of them, with a fair amount of buzz building for the April rerelease.

url-1And, ultimately, it’s always important to remember that a digital IMAX conversion is cheap and easy to distribute, and is great promotion for the special edition Blu-ray set release with which they always coordinate.

As for Dr. No, there’s of course no official confirmation that any kind of rerelease is pending. It’s not illogical that MGM might consider a routine “greatest hits”  rerelease of big Bond films with the character still soaring on a +$1b hit in Skyfall. If this Dr. No rerelease turns out to be true, are there any of these films you’d particularly like to see converted to IMAX or 3D? I can do without the 3D for franchise entirely, but even as a casual franchise fan I wouldn’t mind seeing the gold “trilogy” on the biggest of screens, certainly.

Source | Bleeding Cool (via Think McFly, Think)