2_18_clerksI’m past hating on Kevin Smith. To be hated means holding onto some modicum of relevancy, something Smith hasn’t had in several years now. Instead, the once celebrated maker of films seems to have been assimilated into his own Twitter feed (or his ass, whichever you prefer) opting to take his ball and retreat into a fervent fanbase that counts stunted development as their signature trait.

Where Smith once helped usher in a rather fruitful era in indie filmmaker, he now seems to exist solely in new media, boasting about films that become web series that then become TV miniseries and for now flourish only as vaporfilm (see, Hit Somebody).

Smith appeared on Deadline’s What’s Trending (included in its entirety below) to chat it up and give an update on another of his ever-changing prospects – Clerks 3. He rambles a bit, saying that he wanted to turn the idea from a film into a play, or perhaps a web series. Now, his latest whim has him writing Clerks 3 as a novel, releasing it in installments on the internet and taking fan feedback into account as he works on forthcoming chapters.

Yeah, do it, Kevin. Whatever. Just stop talking about it. People hang onto Quentin Tarantino’s words when he talks about projects that never happen, too. The difference being that Tarantino’s an artist with merit and people are interested in his thought process regarding his output.

Tomorrow Smith will decide he wants Clerks 3 to be a radio play, the day after he’ll announce a puppet show, day after that Clerks 3 will be a film again only for Smith to change course at the last minute deciding that it works better as Twitter’s first graphic novel written and drawn  by Jason Mewes and dictated by the tune of Kevin Smith’s farts.

Source: Vulture