I obviously bookmark the wrong blogs because I missed the fact that, last week, Michael Showalter used My Old Kentucky Blog to announce the reformation of the much-missed comedy troupe The State, and that the comedians would be making a movie.

"I’d like to be the first to announce on My Old Kentucky Blog that The
State is reuniting (though in truth we never broke up) to make a sketch
comedy movie. All I can say about it is that we’re back together after
a brief ten year break and it’s going to be about the history of our
country. Hopefully, funny.

Pitchfork saw the post in time to hit Showalter up for an interview, where he talked more about plans for the film.

"It’s sort of on hold because of the writers’ strike. But I think within
the next two years, you will be hearing about a State movie. In the
vein of a Monty Python film, which is to say a sketch comedy film. Like
The Meaning of Life or something."

When prodded about a possible similarity to History of the World, Part I, Showalter admitted a vague relationship, but avowed that The State’s view of American history would be different "because our definition of great events is fairly broad. And fictional.
It’s not been written yet, which is the truth. So I’m speculating.

After waiting for, what, a dozen years for a State reunion, another two isn’t too much to stay patient through, is it?