Director tweets look to be the new hot way to leak information about upcoming films. Last week we had yet another Marc Webb Spider-Man nugget, and now Robert Rodriguez is offering up a glimpse of his latest via the prominent social media format as well. Here’s a first look at Clive Owen Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy in Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill For:


As I hinted at, Brolin inherits the role previously played by Clive Owen in Rodriguez’s initial effort. The original film was a messy, uneven and noble anthology anchored by a fabulous Mickey Rourke turn. I have no reason to expect anything different this time out. Brolin’s always reliable and with yet another chunk of film dedicated to Rourke as Marv, I’ll be looking forward to catching Sin City: A Dame to Kill For when it hits theaters October 4th of this year.

Source: Rodriguez Twitter via Slashfilm