On slow news days it would seem as if Marvel has become the go-to source for content glurge. Before you chastise me for running yet another Iron Man 3 character poster, let’s get one thing straight:

This isn’t Marvel news. This is Guy Pearce news.

Bam, poster minutia justified. Guy Pearce, my all-time favorite English-born Australian actor, is typically the best thing about whatever he appears in. We celebrate his chops in work like Memento, LA Confidential and Nunz-produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Darkbut Pearce really thrives when he’s in middling to terrible shit like Lawless, Prometheus or Lockout - the latter effort a two hour cut scene for a 90s PC game that never made it to market. Pearce has a way of sneaking spectacular, batshit performances into bad movies.

Not saying Iron Man 3 will be awful, Shane Black’s direction gives me hope. But if it is indeed terrible, we can look forward to another bugfuck performance from Guy Pearce. Here he is as a scientist named Aldrich Killian. Something about that faux mullet screams sexual deviant: