the next couple of hours you’ll be seeing positive reviews for Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist popping up on the site (mine will be the one that found the ending awesome, not emotionally shattering. I may be screwed up in the head), but in the meantime enjoy the strangest press release I have seen in quite some time: Dimension Films is taking responsibility for the mist that blanketed Los Angeles last night*, saying it was a publicity stunt for The Mist. If you live in LA and got into a fog-related fender bender, be sure to send your insurance company in the direction of the Weinstein Bros!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In preparation for the opening of the highly anticipated Thanksgiving release, THE MIST, Los Angeles was covered in a dense foggy mist last night, reducing visibility to only a few feet in some areas (**see full AP coverage below).  Dense fog advisories are still in place in the Los Angeles area and drivers are, of course, advised to use extreme caution on the roads.  A publicity stunt?  Or a eerily timed Stephen King-style wake up call to moviegoers?

You be the judge!  But more importantly, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter and director of „The Shawshank Redemption‰ and „The Green Mile‰, and Stephen King comes “The Mist”  David Drayton (Thomas   Jane) and his young son Billy (Nathan Gamble) are among a large group of terrified townspeople trapped in a local grocery store by a strange, otherworldly mist. David is the first to realize that there are things lurking in the mist, deadly, horrifying things creatures not of this world. Survival depends on everybody in the store pulling together, but is that possible, given human nature? As reason crumbles in the face of fear and panic, David begins to wonder what terrifies him more: the monsters in the mist˜or the ones inside the store, the human kind, the people that until now had been his friends and neighbors? In this legendary tale of terror from master storyteller Stephen King, the thin veneer of civilization is stripped away, the masks are discarded, and the true horror is revealed as us.  The Mist is an MGM release of a Dimension Films presentation of a Darkwoods production

* I was wondering about this weather phenomenon as I stood in line to buy Rock Band for the XBox 360** at the West Hollywood Best Buy at midnight last night.

** I do not own an XBox 360. Yes, my actions are those of a lunatic.