evil_deadThis is one I want to fill up and even though the screening is over a month away I want to hype the living shit out of it. Here’s a movie we wanted to rail against and decry and even with supershill Bruce Campbell saying it was good, one we had major skepticism over. Then that red band trailer came and shut us all up. Big time. This film looks HARD. Squeaking past the MPAA without an X rating after a few snips, the remake of Evil Dead has a lot of potential.

And we’re doing a screening of it.

Here’s how to get in the running for a pass. I want this theater jam-packed with Chewers!

Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or some other site or social media platform or message board pimp this screening and say “I’m seeing Evil Dead early with CHUD.com!” and using the link below give me your mailing address and include a link or screenshot of your post about the screening.

What’s great is that in encourages like-minded folks in Atlanta to be at the screening and it helps spread the word of this site. Win/win.

Good luck!