much crap as I have given JJ Abrams about his bizarre casting choices on Star Trek XI, I must extend congratulations when he gets some casting right. But why is it that the only time he’s worthy of praise is when he’s casting the small roles? The latest good choice is Ben Cross, whose career never returned to its Chariots of Fire peak (unless you’re a super big fan of Poltergeist: The Legacy, or the 1990 version of Dark Shadows, where he played Barnabas Collins). Cross will be Sarek, the father of Spock, and an important Vulcan ambassador to the Federation. In the film he’s married to Winona Ryder, who is inexplicably playing Spock’s mom.

I’ve gotten email asking why I think the casting for the new movie stinks so badly in comparison to the not great troupe of thespians from the original series, and I am baffled that people even ask. The original was a TV show, which is quite different from a blockbuster movie. I would say the the current cast would be great for a TV revival, but as the faces leading a $150 million plus movie to theaters? No way.

But best of luck to everybody. I just want a good Star Trek movie, for the love of God. That’s all I ask.