I can’t believe I’m sourcing an article from Fox News, but when the Google Alert goes off, you’ve got to heed the call. So, wincing, I read this tidbit about new Bond casting. It’s still more rumor than anything else — I’ve got too much built-in suspicion to buy wholesale into a story that Fox411 calls ‘a done deal’, but I want this bit to be true.

So, word is Mathieu Amalric will be the next Bond villain. If this doesn’t turn out to be another classic entry in the Bond lineage of ‘great actor, shitty villain’ (see: Mads Mikklesen, Robert Carlyle, Joe Don Baker) then we could have a winner. That is, if the strike bubble doesn’t burst under Bond.

Get all your Amalric knowledge in order by watching Munich again this holiday weekend, or by going to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, in which he’s a fucking marvel, when it starts to roll out this month.