I noticed a little bit of the Two Mothers buzz from Sundance, but ultimately it came across more as a tonal oddity than anything worth seeking out. This new trailer (which has a lady butt and some shouted swearing, FYI) only drives that impression home as it dramatically sells the story of two single women with attractive sons who end up banging each other’s progeny. There’s a lot of sun-drenched photography, longing looks and dramatic slapping, but the concept is so silly and the imagery so contrived that it demands you not take it seriously.

Maybe the film has something to say with its deliberate juxtaposition of two wealthy-seeming blonde women and their fashion magazine sons, and maybe there’s something subversive in the soap opera staging. It’s a tough call because with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright playing out a script from Atonement and A Dangerous Method writer Christopher Hampton, you’d think there’d be something solid here. Hampton’s work has always straddled the line of insufferable melodrama though, so perhaps this adaptation of the Doris Lessing novel just pushed him to the other side.

This another film featuring Robin Wright just as she takes the spotlight for House Of Cards, so perhaps some traction will come from that direction.

via Film Stage