New Poster!

New Poster!

Sorry studios and filmmakers, you’re just not going to be able to keep your cool tricks and suprises secret anymore, especially as the shared universe and modern continuity wanking stuff becomes the ruling trend. The fanboys are on it, and your ships are leaky!

Today it’s AICN that has grabbed the major end-of-the-movie scoop, and it’s pretty serious. If you’re want to try your luck at going in to Fast & Furious 6 with no idea what will happen at the end, fuck out of this article but quick. Kisses, see you in the next one.

So here’s the deal: As continuity wanks know, Han’s death in Tokyo Drift has always made it in such that every sequel following has actually been an implicit prequel. Also, you may remember that Fast & Furious 6 and 7 were intended to be shot together, with Jason Statham as the villain, and that didn’t work out.

Or so we thought.

So apparently –and you can read an explicit description of the scenes that will set this up at AICN– Fast 6 will end with our heroes winning. (No shit.) The twist will come when a mysterious figure suddenly brings continuity crashing down on the franchise by taking out Han in a violent car crash, as in Tokyo Drift. The figure will then reveal himself to Dom on the phone as the brother of the most recently fallen villain, and a man now out to take down the entire crew responsible.

Then we’ll see that said figure is Jason Statham.

It’s a damn shame that covering this shit is a fact of life at this point, but we all make our choices. Honestly, all that’s left now is either confirmation or disappointment if this turns out not to be true.

I’ve just depressed myself, if I’m being quite frank. I don’t think this shit is journalism, but who can blame the scoopers for feeding people what they want? I’d love to hear some opinions on that in the comments.