Probably a bad idea to bring Tandy back for Driving Another Miss Daisy.

Name: Tequila Worm (unofficial)

AKA: Vomit
Creature, Reverand Barf, Puke Floorcrawler, On a Scale of One to Ten
I’m Regurgiteight, Midget in a Mansuit, The Cabo Wobble, Spew
Sutcliffe, Jessica Bile.

Appearances: Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) BUY IT FROM CHUD & AMAZON

Monster Type: Wet Heave

Its Place in the Film: First of all allow me to apologize if this entry steals a little thunder from our next list: The 50 Best Things to Come Out of Craig T. Nelson.

Tequila Worm makes his first appearance in a bottle of tequila that
Daddy Freeling (Craig Tiberius Nelson) is enjoying to cope with life’s
many trials and tribulations as well as building a buzz in case he’s
the next member of cast and crew to die unexpectedly.

32,098 people connected to the Poltergeist series have died unexpectedly, leading to what folks call "The Poltergeist Curse". Granted, 32,095 were just people who saw Poltergeist in theaters or on VHS. The number can be adjusted to 32,099 if you consider Tom Skerritt’s mustache a ‘person’.

drinks the worm. Unlike in real life where the only result of
swallowing the worm is a subsequent purchase of an airbrushed t-shirt,
he becomes the host to a reincarnated minister/cult leader. It happens.

bloated, balding broodmare Nelson develops the burgeoning beast inside
him and its meanspirited ways lead him towards become a Bad Dad.
Thankfully his love of his family [even the ugly boy kid] causes him to
first retch and then finally give premature oral birth to his belch
reverand, apparently early in the Third Triminister. It lacks fully
developed limbs, which pleases members of the Amputee Actor’s Guild,
and hisses before wobbling away to become a larger, more
bluescreen-friendly apparition.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Wet exoskeleton. Looks a little too much like Julian Beck for my
tastes. Arms resemble delicious green chicken wings. Did I mention wet?

Why It Is Forgotten: It
may be the most memorable moment in this sequel, but the fact remains
that this somewhat decent flick is totally a blank in the pantheon of
horror flicks and the Poltergeist series in general tends to be a blip on the radar when compared to such beloved horror staples like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

Why It Shouldn’t Be Forgotten: Drink Me and Puke Me
is a helluva business model for a spirit of vengeance and Craig T.
Nelson tummy womb, once thought to be barren, yields terrific latex

Nick Nunziata