This morning I got a huge box in the mail. Inside was The Cox Box, shaped like an amp, and filled with Walk Hard goodies. I don’t usually talk about the swag that gets mailed to me, but this thing is so excellent that I have to share. There’s a CD with a selection of songs from the movie, and a DVD with scenes. They came in a fake LP sleeve, attached to a big fake record. The Cox Box also includes a Dewey Cox tour shirt (vintage!), which I’m actually wearing right now. There’s the napkin where Dewey Cox wrote the lyrics to Walk Hard, a publicity photo of Dewey surrounded by fans, an oversized biography booklet called A Long Day’s Journey Into Cox and a 2008 calendar featuring the many album covers of the Dewey Cox discography (I love the one for the Dewey Cox Christmas album where he’s opening his present – which is a photograph of himself).

And just when I had gone through all of the stuff in my Cox Box, I got notified that a Walk Hard outtake had shown up on Funny or Die. I’ve included it below, and I love the way the whole thing builds to one great joke. Check it out.

Walk Hard opens December 21st.