If you’ve been to a retail outlet lately you might have noticed that the Iron Man 3 toys hit the shelves. We’ve known for a while that War Machine (Don Cheadle) would be rocking the Iron Patriot look, represented by Norman Osborn in the comics, for at least a portion of the film. Looking over some of the toys (yeah, I’m 12) I noticed the packaging lists Cheadle’s character as “Iron Patriot” when he’s flying the red, white and blue. Not a big deal, per se – I’m guessing the government takes to calling him the Iron Patriot as I can’t remember anyone actually referring to him as War Machine in Iron Man 2, perhaps maybe except an aside from Tony.

For what it’s worth, the toys with the traditional metallic grey coloring are labeled War Machine. Also, I’m never getting laid again as long as I live. Here’s a poster: