Yesterday I ran with the still of Charlotte Gainsbourgh sandwiched between two dudes, which was the first substantive look at Von Trier’s new two-part film for most. Turns out there was actually the more ominous frame above out there as well, but I have an excuse to bring it to you today since the film(s) has landed a distributor. Unsurprisingly, Melancholia-distributor Magnolia Pictures has partnered with Von Trier once again, and will be the ones to distribute Nymph()maniac. You read that right, the title is now apparently spelled with parentheses. Don’t ask me.

Buzz on the film is also starting to develop as producers call this Von Trier’s “masterpiece,” one cut from 270 script pages and 100 hours of footage, all of which have necessitated the decision to forego a rushed debut at Cannes. Magnolia’s release plans have not been detailed beyond that, but they’ve got an interesting challenge on their plate, releasing a two-part film that also features a hardcore and softcore cut of each. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for news on that front.

via Indiewire, First Showing