Back in my days as a fat little bastard imprisoned in a Catholic school, I vaguely remember the Left Behind series being all the rage among fellow students. From authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, the books covered the lives of survivors in a post-rapture world. People start up and disappearing into thin air (a problem if the person disappearing is, say, the pilot currently flying your plane). If Catholic guilt’s your thing, these are the books that let you see that guilt played out in a fully-realized world. Or so I was told, I was too invested in anything else to pay attention.

Anyways, the folks over at Coming Soon have the your first look at some promo-artwork for the new film adaptation. And of course it’s starring Nicolas Cage:


You’re going to try and embiggen that and this is the part where I inform you you cannot. That’s all we get for now: Tiny Nicolas Cage paying no attention to the about-to-crash 747. I should probably run an embed of the first time they tried to adapt this series but that has Kirk “God is a Vengeful God” Cameron in it but the phrase “Tiny Nicolas Cage” makes me giggle too much not to get all nostalgic for a career that’s seen better days: