Bad ass. That’s one way to describe No Country for Old Men, my #1 movie of the year by a good stretch and one of many recent films that go a long way towards illustrating something I’ve been trying to tell you people for a long time:

Josh Brolin is one of the best things in town.

And he’s not even as bad ass as Javier Bardem in this!

I have a golden item. A truly special prize that transcends swag and eclipses the sometimes great and sometimes mediocre stuff we give away on this site.

A one sheet of this amazing movie signed by those amazing filmmakers Joel & Ethan Coen. If ever the urge to hoard a prize for myself existed, this is the one that would ruin me. Were I less a gentleman I’d put this in that special place in my home reserved for my favorite poster. Since I AM a gentleman, that charge is yours and there is only one way to win this very special prize.

Using the link below and including your mailing address, send me a photograph of the spot on your wall where this thing will be FRAMED and hang for all to see, proof positive that you are indeed a fan of film and not someone who takes a prize like this lightly or someone who’d scamper off to Ebay for the hollow and soul-damaging dollars the auction would leave you with. A photograph of the place where this poster will hang. Whomever is chosen as winner is asked to also send me a follow-up photo of the poster in the spot so I know it’s found a good home.

So, take your picture and send me the entry and include your mailing address. One of you will win and have my eternal jealousy.