Up above you’ll find the most extensive trailer yet for Pixar’s 2013 film, Monster’s University, while we also have another look at the film led by its director, Dan Scanlon, sort of laying out the story of the film.

Mike_Monsters_University_still_1The trailer continues to suggest that this film may be Pixar’s most lush visual accomplishment yet, despite taking place mostly on a college campus. The variety, textures, and colors of the student population alone looks magnificent, while the campus itself looks gorgeous as well. As for the film, I don’t even try and call it anymore. I see no reason why it can’t be perfectly strong complement to Monster’s Inc., which is an entirely solid, if mostly unremarkable entry in the Pixar canon.

The featurette below lays out the most complete description of the story I’ve yet seen, though Scanlon refrains from ruining anything too specific. Basically the film revolves around Mike and Sully’s rivalry at scaring school, and the Revenge Of The Nerds style plot that will have to develop for them to pass.

The film hits June 21st, bringing us one step closer to a multi-year string of original films from Pixar.

via Movies.com