I’ve had a friendly attitude towards Thomas Jane since I interviewed him for The Punisher. No other actor has sat through an interview constantly sipping from a bottle of whiskey; call it a comment on my interviewing skills if you want, but the fact is that most actors now seem like pussies. Tom Jane does not, by any measure. And yeah, he offered to share.

So I want his directorial debut to be good. His first flick behind the camera is The Dark Country, based on a sript by Tab Murphy, and it’s being shot in high-def 3D. A week ago I would have rolled my eyes at that, but I just got through loving Beowulf in 3D, so I obviously can’t broadly trash talk that process any more. (Variety mentions the film being shot in 2D as well; there’s a bit of this simultaneous shooting going on, as cinemas begin the transition to 3D. We’ll see if they ever finish it.)

The film, currently on location in Albequerque, NM, is about a honeymooning couple whose time away turns into hell. Ron Perlman is growling some dialogue and Lauren German is wearing clothes nicely in the pic.

If you can’t wait a year to get into Jane’s directorial effort, he’s also in Darabont’s adaptation of The Mist, which starts next week.