Fresh off a couple years of doing not very much at all*,
Jada Pinkett Smith is about to beef up a couple of the less obvious columns in her
IMDB profile. One is ‘writer’, as JPS penned a script called The Human Contract;
the second column will be ‘director’, as she’s slated to direct the script with
Will Smith as executive producer.

It’s one of those freewheeling love pictures, in which a successful
businessman is tempted away from his life by a beautiful woman, who leads him
into a reckless existence. The man will be Jason Clarke from Brotherhood and
Death Race; the woman is Paz Vega, who could tempt the bark off a tree. Ted
Danson, who can’t tempt hair off a mammoth, and Idris Elba are both in the pic
as well.

This is no ‘maybe after the strike’ deal; production begins
this week, with production handled in part by Pinkett Smith’s 100% Womon.

*Yeah, motherhood, whatever. Do you live in the same society
I do? We don’t value that shit at all.