Look. A girl in her underwears.Bond Girls are a phenomenon of their own devising. They come with enormous hype at casting time, but when it’s all said and done, their roles never seem to leave a mark beyond the film’s expiration date and the Bond-verse they inhabit.

As such, their casting isn’t as much news as it is the Babe Du Jour. But who am I to fight against the tide? No one, that’s who. Time for your daily dose of hot chick!

32 year old Mexican actress Mayrin Villanueva is rumored to have been cast as the latest Babe in the next entry of the franchise Daniel Craig/ Martin Campbell/ Neal Purvis/ Robert Wade/ Paul Haggis resurrected: A Mexican News program has reported Mayrin’s husband, Jorge Poza, is amped at the opportunity of seeing his wife take it from Daniel Craig over and over again. After hitting up a few casting calls, Mayrin reportedly got a callback. According to Jorge, "Producers requested her presence for the film which is currently in production." That’s James Bond, 22, of course.

(Note from Russ: That is, if the film is a go, since Paul Haggis admits his script wasn’t locked pre-strike.)

Now, if my wife had been cast to get it on with James Bond, I’d probably be hiding in a corner, weeping and sucking my thumb– planning an explanation as to why chiseled abs and biceps are an inferior choice to an American accent, moderate love handles and an unshaven chest. So, better ol’ Jorge than me.

Mayrin Villanueva comes from the Latin American Telenovela circuit (soap operaish miniseries* that largely butter Telemundo’s bread) – which is pretty evident, as she’s 100% not ugly.

*As an aside that’s just too good not to mention, NBC is/was –Strike!– developing an adaptation of a Columbian Telenovela called Without Breasts There Is No Paradise. Amen, brother. AMEN.