That EW piece I once covered in my youth? Apparently it’s causing quite a stir in the form of this glaring reveal on EW’s website. Now for my counterpoint:

Who cares?

Seriously. Whether typo or actual reveal (or, ironically, both), someone’s probably going to get fired over it. Then again, considering Entertainment Weekly isn’t exactly a beacon of stalwart journalism these days, it could just as easily be a calculated move on the effort of Paramount and Abrams.

JJ Abrams isn’t in the business of making mysteries. Which makes his predisposition to secrecy comical at this point. Super 8 was shrouded in mystery leading up to release and it couldn’t have turned out to be more pedantic when it finally came to release. If Abrams is pulling a Batman Begins-esque bait and switch with Khan, where John Harrison (Cumberbatch) reveals himself as Khan in disguise, no one will be surprised. And if that reveal never comes to fruition? Well, I doubt too many will care. At the end of the day the movie is the movie is the movie.

This story’s likely to blow up today. But, true or false, it still reeks of bullshit.