I’ve never touched Farmville, so I’m not really qualified to make fun of it, much less provide commentary on its ripeness for cross-media development. Still, something about the news that Brett Ratner will be in the business of developing a Facebook game for television just brings a sly smile to one’s face.

The deal has Ratner executive producing a half-hour animated series based on the enormously sucessful timesuck that is Zynga’s online game. No network or details on how it will be adapted, nor is it suggested whether or not this is specifically a kids series, or something that will try and be more mainstream.

What’s interesting is that Farmville actually took quite a dive in popularity in 2012, though a new release in the fall may have helped. Good on Ratner for turning all those ignored Farmville requests into a fat check while he works on his Hercules flick.


Source | Deadline