Smiley is available on DVD starting February 12, 2013 and features one of the great character actors, Keith David. I’m happy to bring you the exclusive clip/featurette above, which features David talking about his character, and how the movie will make you shit yourself. I love it.

urlYou can see the full trailer for Smiley at iTunes here, and buy the film from us here.

ARC Entertainment will be releasing SMILEY on DVD on February 12, 2013. Film stars Caitlin Gerard, Shane Dawson, Melanie Papalia, Andrew James Allen, Roger Bart, Toby Turner, Michael Traynor and Keith David.

A twisted killer let loose. A college student yearning for a fresh start. Internet trolls looking for trouble. It all comes together in SMILEY: the most terrifying and controversial horror film of the year. Troubled teen Ashley (Caitlin Gerard) mistakenly summons a devious murderer named Smiley to kill a stranger online. With the help of her nerdy friend Binder (Shane Dawson), an insightful college professor (Roger Bart) and a skeptical detective (Keith David), Ashley must decide whether she is going insane or becoming Smiley’s next victim.